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On the project «eLogistics and Digital Transport Corridors»

The concept of the Digital Transport Corridors (DTC) was developed by a group of companies representing the logistics business, the IT community under the patronage of the Science and Technology and Logistics Associations of the Republic of Belarus, the Ukraine and Lithuania.

The concept of «DTC» describes the principles of interaction of cargo owners, cargo carriers within the organization and carrying out of cargo transportation without territorial restrictions based on the technology of Supply Chain Management (SCM).

The Digital Transport Corridor is based on the interacting with each other National Transport and Logistics Centers, which within the territory of the state must ensure:
• collection, processing and providing the residents of the system with consolidated information on the status of the goods and accompanying documents within the transportation from start to the point of destination;
• electronic interaction of the residents of the system within the organization and carrying out of transportation;
• monitoring and control of vehicles, cargo and operations with them;
• providing analytical data to residents and supervisory authorities on transit, export, import and domestic freight flows.


Panel discussion “Digital Transport Corridors”

Within the framework of the Belarusian Transport Week (Minsk, October 6 - 10, 2015) a panel discussion “Digital Transport Corridors” was held by IBA IT Park, IBA Group and STA “Infopark” on the 7-th of October, 2015 in the conference hall of the hotel “Europe”. The purpose of the event was to discuss the concept of “Digital Transport Corridors” as a tool for organizing cross-border transport logistics in order to reduce the costs of cargo transportation through the introduction of modern information technologies. The representatives of the profile business Oleg Platonov, President of JSC “PLASKE”, Alexander Zyatkov, JSC “Latvian Railways” and other participants of the discussion welcomed the proposals and stressed the relevance of the presented Concept. More than 25 representatives of government bodies, railway administrations, transport and logistics and forwarding enterprises of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine took part in the event.




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